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Updated August 25, 2021 | BestCollegeReviews.org Staff

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Best College Reviews strives to be an authoritative, objective, and editorially independent college review journal. Our site is dedicated to providing students with relevant and trustworthy guidance on the college process.

Who We Are

Best College Reviews publishes college rankings, reviews, and other education topics to guide readers through the college selection and the admissions process. Every student has their own needs and goals, so we provide a quality selection of resources to aid learners on their academic journeys.

We research higher education topics and parse through vast amounts of data so our readers can make informed decisions. Our clear, easy-to-read guides cover a wide scope of topics to account for prospective students' varying needs. To set our advice apart, we craft content using expert guidance from professionals, professors, students, and alumni.

We believe in the value of transparency, professional guidance, and unique content. We take steps to ensure the quality of our articles through additional vetting processes. Our readers can view our methods for ranking programs and where we source data.

What We Do

Best College Reviews ranks online college programs using stringent standards and recognized sources. We focus on online programs because they offer flexible and accessible education opportunities to students. We provide comprehensive guides and rankings of online programs to help prospective students find the right education for them.

Our publishing team ranks college programs after conducting thorough research. To ensure our content stays fresh, we use cutting-edge technology like big data and machine learning to frequently refresh our content with the newest statistics and data. We keep our fingers on the pulse of emerging enrollment trends and professional opportunities.

Transparency and ethical publishing form the core of our site and business practices. As a result, we publicize our ranking methodology and sources so readers can verify the quality of our content. The "How We Work" section below details these methods, sources, and business practices.

How We Work

To create our rankings, we use publicly available data from many sources, including:

We aim to be forthright about how our business model works and how that may influence editorial decisions.

Best College Reviews partners with over 400 colleges and universities. We make a profit from a school when a student requests information about that school. However, these partnerships do not influence our rankings.

We refuse any requests from schools to be added to or moved up in our rankings. We take pride in drawing a clear line between our revenue sources and our editorial standards. Our goal is to provide editorially independent rankings based on a strong, well-defined methodology. It is important that students trust our rankings first and foremost. For that reason, we keep our rankings editorially independent from our revenue sources.

Why We Focus on Reviews

We believe that unique and transparent college reviews can aid readers in their search for higher education options. We provide the necessary tools for readers to decide if continued education is the right path for them. Our reviews aim to steer readers toward fulfilling careers and professional success. By isolating program aspects in a review, we help prospective students focus on the qualities they value in a college education.

We give first-hand accounts of what it's like to attend college, so prospective students are prepared for the road ahead. We also understand that traditional education might not fit everyone's needs. We supply honest reports of the college experience to ensure readers can make informed decisions.

Ultimately, we want readers to achieve their full potential by finding college programs that bring out their best qualities and place them on strong career paths.

Meet Our Contributors

Contributors process Best College Reviews' extensive research and transform it into accessible prose for our readers. Our writers enjoy exploring topics such as school histories, learning techniques, and innovative curriculums, highlighting exciting professional opportunities and financial aid packages that may otherwise go unnoticed by prospective students.

While we use machine learning and big data for research purposes, our writers craft unique and personable content to connect with our readers. Learn more about our authors below.

Portrait of Brit Brogaard

Brit Brogaard

Brit Brogaard is a writer based in Miami, Florida. She has prior writing experience as a freelancer, essayist, and content writer. In her spare time, she likes to watch The Office for the umpteenth time and walk her dog, James, on the beach.

Portrait of William Capella

William Capella

Will Capella is a freelance writer based out of Southwest Ohio, formerly a section editor for The Evansville Review. He holds a bachelor of fine arts in creative writing from the University of Evansville and has written about cars, AI, and careers for the past 2.5 years. When he's not working, he finds new quotes and newspaper clippings to hang on his office wall.

Portrait of Audrey Webster

Audrey Webster

Audrey Webster is a freelance writer based in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from the University of Oregon in 2017 with a bachelor of arts in English and has been professionally writing for over four years. Her writing specialties include education, wellness, and travel. In addition to writing, Audrey spends her time rock climbing, traveling, and reading.

Meet Our Reviewers

Our site uses reviewers to add an extra layer of professional quality assurance to our content.

Members of our Freelance Review Network ensure that the information we provide is up to date, relevant, and accurate across various fields of study. Each reviewer specializes in a topic and checks writers' work for any misleading or inaccurate information regarding the reviewer's field of specialty.

Reviewers may specialize in professional fields (business, nursing, accounting, etc.) or topics such as financial aid and college admissions. Our reviewers can check written content for potential bias and flag any issues. They also identify missing information and offer corrective feedback.

We credit our reviewers and provide their bios near the bottom of all reviewed articles. We pay reviewers for contributing their expertise and knowledge to our site, because we value editorial accuracy and equity along with our readers' trust.

Portrait of Elizabeth M. Clarke, FNP, MSN, RN, MSSW

Elizabeth M. Clarke, FNP, MSN, RN, MSSW

Elizabeth Clarke (Poon) is a board-certified family nurse practitioner from Boston, Massachusetts. Tired of the cold and snowy winters, Clarke relocated to Coral Gables, Florida, to complete her undergraduate degree in nursing at the University of Miami. After working for several years in the cardiac and ER units of the UHealth and Jackson Memorial Medical systems, Clarke returned to the University of Miami to complete her master of science in nursing (MSN). Since completing her MSN, Clarke has provided primary and urgent care to pediatric populations.

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